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About Us

Welcome to Kanishka Collections

A pioneer apparel manufacturers in India:

One of the leading Apparel and Cloth Manufacturers in India, at the forefront of design, innovation and full-scale production specialising in producing knitwear.  Kanishka Collections is perfectly positioned to stay on top of the latest trends in the ever-changing world of fashion, with a commitment to provide exceptional products which meet the high expectations of our customers.

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About Kanishka Collections


Navigate by the sight , power of its originator, Mr. Gopal Sharma (Managing Director), Kanishka Collections today is a name synonymous with success and accomplishment. From a modest growth at the time of inception to the current business volume of 15-20 CR. per annum, Kanishka Collections has come a long way.


An excellent product development system, managed by a creative team of professional vouches for that. We have a very innovative design company proficient of afford plan insert by continuously keep an eye on global demand.  At Kanishka Collections  Apparel and Cloth Manufacturers we produce quality garments that can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We have the Best Group of expert people who produce feature product that consumer need,assist by a good communication and technological system. Overhead all we are every time adjacent to the market and renovate with customer requirements.


Kanishka Collections believes ‘Quality First’ in each and every action.
A highest- attain group of expert accordant inspect the complexity of feature administration through online. We Have our lab services recognised by different brands scanner at various levels.

Right through our production processes, we have rigorous testing of physical and chemical parameters to ensure zero-defects.As a people-centric organisation, we ensure a proper work-life balance for our people. Our reimbursement quality observe with amendment standard so our worker live better life.  We also organise professional development programmes that allow them to keep pace with prevalent trends and techniques.

Supply Chain Management, An effective Supply Chain Management is the hallmark of our efficient operations. We have a hi-tech Automatic Re-ordering System (AROS) that enables us to monitor sales in stores, based on which we maintain our inventory levels.

We believe in supportable brillant future , with our constant fast change confirmable reamins as basic of our business.And working towards more sustainable future; Our operations focus on reducing the environment impact and reducing the foot print in every aspect/process.

We have mouldability of manage any sort of capacity for all our product categories.

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