Our Process

Our Process

Exact from cotton to manufacture cloth of unlike standard in Synthetic like viscose, dense fiber. Manufacture in house  in huge knitting and state -of-the-art dyeing facilities. Cloth Manufacturing Company in Delhi NCR, India.

  • Fashion Revolution, Design workshop, pliability, capacity to opeartion order of any quantity


 Our Spinning facility houses modern machines. We are the manufacture of mix yarn to serve for our client. We also manufacture Slub Yarn, Oragnic Cotton.

835-Autoconer type D 1920x1100


 Our unit is equipped with high efficient autoconers which have the capacity to produce a higher quantity per day.
The sophisticated machines are much efficient in terms of productivity, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness by reducing fibre dust through self cleaning technologies.



 Our knitting plants, with Circular & Flat Knitting machines imported from Europe and Asia knit a varieties of fabrics – Jersey, Rib, Interlock, Pique, Feeder & Auto Stripes,Jacquards.

Softening Finishes in Textile

Dyeing & Finishing

To proceeding cotton, Mix fabrics, we have strengthen HTHP Dyeing . Equipped with High-end machineries. Our OEKO-TEX recognize Fabric Dyeing disunity has the contemporary sewage treatment plant & Reverse Osmosis Technology.


Printing & Embrodery

 Printing is one of our chief strength.

PCB Processing on Robotic machine visual system working in factory

Production Facilities

 Our production facilities are state of the art factories equipped with the latest in technology used in garment manufacturing right from Gerber cutting to packing comprising international machineries. We are Best Cloth Manufacturing Company.

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 Our elastic division manufactures both knitted and woven elastic by using stat of the art international machines. Our Company Provides services of stamp barcodes, tickets fee, carton labels.



We have accurate testing of physical and chemical framework to protect nothing imperfection. The Equitable merger of executive staff and machines in lab provide adequate results

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